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I was recently inspired to describe my personality with three GIFs:

The first one represents my creativity, imagination, curiosity, and how my mind never stops running.

The second one represents my ambition, how I am always up to something, always trying to get somewhere, and how it never ends!

The third one represents the occasional madness that can result from the two above - but you could call it my eccentricity.

(I can also be a bit like this...)

(...and sometimes like this...)

Which three would you choose for yourself?

I never thought about the idea of compressing my personality into three images before... but come to think of it... I always represented my values in three words - power, art, and adventure - and I guess those three words sort of match with the images.

The word "power" has a negative connotation in our culture, because it is often associated with a very limited form of power - control over people by intimidation and force - but the word has a broader meaning to me... When I think of power, I picture a wizard or sorcerer with vast abilities...

When I think of power, I think of magic.

In fact, the word magic originates from a very old word for power - while the word sorcerer originates from the Medieval Latin word sortiarius, which literally means someone who influences the future - which gives you the true meaning of the word power - influence over the future.

Disney has been an immense influence on me. I grew up during the Disney Renaissance. It was the most magical time to be a child.

I loved drawing and wanted to be a Disney animator... but then...

I saw David Copperfield on television and was inspired to become a magician...

I entertained my family and friends with magic shows (and I still have a box with some of my old tricks) but by the time I started high school, I grew tired of tricks. I felt like a fake.

I wanted to do real magic... and then in grade 9... everything changed when my science teacher showed me real magic!

She mixed chemicals that emitted light, went from hot to cold, and sparked magnificently.

I was hooked!

I came to envision myself as a science entrepreneur... and by the time I was in grade 12...

I resolved to specialize in theoretical physics - the most mysterious of the science disciplines. I wanted to uncover the deep secrets of the universe...

However, in my first year of university, my career aspiration changed yet again when I became aware of a greater magic than the sciences... the arts.

"Art and science are very similar: Artists and scientists both seek the truth. Scientists discover universal truths. Artists express truths that are both universal and deeply personal at the same time."

- The Aviv

I always loved classical music. It was all I would listen to growing up, and I was the only one in my family who did. When I was 20, I started composing for the very first time and discovered my raw talent. I grew more passionate than ever before. I envisioned myself as a classical artist. I wanted to release singles and albums just like any other music artist. I wanted to hear my music played on Classical 96.3 FM. I wanted to make classical popular again.

My aim is to tour the world with a personal orchestra, conduct my music and put on spectacular concerts. I am going to be the David Copperfield of the 21st century, and then I am going to be the Disney of the 21st century, when I branch into film - the modern opera.

"Ah, music! A magic beyond all we do here!"

- Albus Dumbledore


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